Monday, June 6, 2011

Platinum ring to feature on Antiques Roadshow

A platinum ring is due to feature on BBC show Antiques Roadshow later this year.

Crowds turned up to Lulworth Castle in Dorset (UK) to see the show being filmed, with many taking along precious items to be looked at by experts, reports the Bournemouth Echo.

Sarah Ward, from Blandford, took along a platinum ring and was pleasantly surprised when the expert valued it at £8,000 ($13,100).

She told the news provider: "I bought it for myself 20 years ago for a fraction of that price."

"I purchased the ring during a particularly difficult period in my life, so it means a lot to me. It was a treat when perhaps I could ill afford it but everything has worked out all right in the end."

The platinum ring will feature on the 34th series of the show.

Antiques Roadshow first aired on TV in 1977 as a BBC documentary about a London auction house doing a tour of the West Country in England.

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