Monday, October 25, 2010

Platinum wedding rings 'essential' to jewellery industry

Wedding rings, including those of the platinum variety, are said to be more popular than ever and are an essential component to the jewelry industry.

That is according to a recent article on Diamond News, which suggests wedding rings are becoming more elaborate and there is now a plethora of designs for couples to choose from.

Jewelry designer Marion Knorr told the news provider: "Personalisation has become increasingly important. More couples insist on individualised rings and do not want mass-produced products.

"Bridal couples want rings with an individual feel and design to them. Wedding rings are no longer just a ritual, they represent a lot more than that."

It was also noted that customers are becoming increasingly involved with the design of their wedding rings, which also accounts for the growth of the wedding ring sector of the jewelry industry.

In terms of her own designs, Ms Knorr added that every pair of wedding rings she designs has a unique story that symbolizes the

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